Brake System Inspection & Repair


Brakes Squealing? Vehicle not stopping as it should?

At our automotive shop in Worcester MA, we provide brake services of all kinds, ranging from inspections, all the way up to repairs. Brake maintenance for your car should be on the top of your list, when it comes to driving a safe car. It’s important that you hire a mechanic, who is experienced in repairing and inspecting brakes, a mechanic such as the one we have here at Batteries Unlimited!automotive repair2

If you’re experiencing any sort of trouble with your brakes, or you hear a strange noise, call our shop immediately, at (508) 752-8777.

What are some indications that you may need your brakes checked? Check out the list of some common red flags:

  • The brake pedal seems to be pushing down further to the floor than usual, or when you press on the brake there’s a spongy feel to it.
  • When braking, your car shifts to the right or left.
  • Strange noises or vibrations while braking

The first thing to check when experiencing brake problems, are the brake pads; these pads are usually the first to go because in order to stop the car, the pads rub against the disks, and after a few hundred miles, they start to deteriorate a little.

Replacing your brake pads is a tough task, and it’s a job meant for someone with mechanical skills; since it’s an important part of your brake system, you should call us to, first inspect the pads, and if we find it necessary, to replace the pads with new ones!

Brake pads are only one possible problem your brakes could be dealing with, so it’s important to check other items as well; this is why we provide brake inspections so that our professionals can find the problem areas right away.

Schedule a brake repair or inspection appointment today! Give Batteries Unlimited a call at (508) 752-8777. We are here to help you drive safe!


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