How to Maintain your Power Wheelchair’s Battery

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The short answer to this question is to simply charge your battery overnight, using the manufacturer’s charger; you should do this every two weeks. Don’t do this more than every two weeks, and don’t leave it charged longer than about eight hours; if you leave it longer you will damage your battery.

We recommend using a low power maintenance charger; these chargers will help your battery last longer in storage, and they don’t damage your battery as much as high powered

If you’re going away without your power chair, you should charge the battery overnight, before you leave, and then completely disconnect the battery from the chair. When you return, don’t forget to reconnect the battery and recharge them, if you’re gone for more than two weeks.

If you’re storing your chair long term, your battery will last longer if it’s kept in a cool place, rather than your warm home.

Just make sure you keep your chairs charged! ‘

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