What are the Different Types of Boat Batteries?

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020| Tags:

We know it’s winter, but you can never be too prepared for summer! If you need a new battery for your boat, now is the time to buy one! What many people don’t understand, is that there are a number of different boat batteries to choose from.

Here, we will help explain some of the different types of batteries; think of this as sort of a marine boat battery guide!

There are two types of basic batteries: cranking batteries, and deep-cycle batteries.

Cranking Batteries: Cranking batteries, also known as starting batteries, require a lot of power to get started. They are made with thinner, more numerous lead plates, which will help the batter replenish quicker when the engine is running.

Deep-Cycle Batteries: These marine batteries are used to power electrical accessories like fish finders, radios, and trolling motors. These batteries usually aren’t recharged until the end of the day. Deep-cycle batteries have fewer thicker lead plates than cranking batteries to help withstand deep discharges.

When you’re thinking about buying a boat battery, just know that you can’t substitute one for the other; if you started with a deep-cycle battery, you stick with it, and vice versa. For example, if you choose to go with a cranking battery for a trolling motor, sooner or later the battery will overheat and die, leaving you without power, and requiring you to buy a new battery!

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